Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last Minute Shopper OOTD

Hey lovelies!!

So today I decided to do my last minute Christmas shopping with 3 kids, which felt like torch er on the soul. I also wanted to show you guys what I decided to wear for comfort on this day, the crazy thing is that i live in NY and its suppose to be freezing outside but instead its really nice and cozy. This was a beautiful day to shop and enjoy the family.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey Lovelies

So Sunday I sat here thinking about what I'm lusting after this month, and realized I am currently going crazy over backpacks. I sat here and went through different websites trying to see what I can find, and I found some pretty interesting bags to my taste. I also realized that I do not have any in my closet and need to get some ASAP, there are outfits that need to be planned around these bags. now I'm sitting here begging my guy for at least one of these bags to be in the mix of my craziness called my closet, here  are some of my choices from some websites you have all heard of.

These first set of bags that you are seeing is from Topshop

The second set is from Romwe

The third set is from Asos

This last set of backpacks are from MissKL

So these are my preferences, some of these picks may not  be up to other people's taste but what can I do. I am going mad with wanting one of these bags in my closet and when I do it will definitely be on here. Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check me out YouTube @Realitychecknique.

XOXO Nique, <3

Monday, December 2, 2013

OMG!!! Shoes everywhere

Hey guys I'm back with another post and this one is on all the shoes I've accumulated from October-November is serious. I can't seem to go online with checking out a shoe site, one of  my favorite sites to shop from is Shoedazzle. There shoes are affordable and really cute, whenever I go on there I'm always scouting for a new addition to my shoe family. Here are pictures of my three most recent purchase, the first one is called Remell and I got them in black. I got them because they were so different and so me, I cant wait to style them.

The second shoe is ISELA and I got those in Brown/Camel color, I found them to be quite sexy. They remind a little of the Phillip Lim 3:1 over the knee boots and since I can" afford them this will do for me.
The third shoe that I purchased (LIGHTEN_Silver) is for the Spring and Summer months, for those days when you don't feel like wearing heels or sneakers or even boots for that matter.

The next site that I shop on Is, they also have affordable name brand items for the whole family. From sneakers to shoes to clothes, I love this site. I ordered a pair of Dr. Marten's biker boots.
My last site is Solestruck, I went on there to find these boots that I saw on Gracie's channel Uglyfaceofbeauty and instantly fell in love and had to get me a pair. 

So these are all the shoes that I purchased within a month and I am very excited to wear them and style them. Look for them on my youtube channel, thanks for stopping by. BYE!!