Monday, February 3, 2014

Beauty is her name!!!

Hey Guys,

So its's been awhile since i wrote anything, I haven't really been feeling inspired to do anything. Which is bad there is so much going on outside in this world that I really wouldnt know where to start, so right now I'm sitting at my window looking outside at the snow and just couldn't seem to pull myself away from this spot. So i decided to just write about it, I thought to myself when was the last time you have actually done this just sit at your window with a cup of tea and an open mind. I even felt like taking out my camera and snapping a few shots which I did the scenery was so beautiful I had to capture it, I also found it amousing that people are shoveling their walk way and it's still snowing. Why not wait for tomorrow? Why don't you just let the snow fall without any interuptions?, by now your probably wondering why is she sitting by her window on a Monday afternoon or not but today is one of those days you didn't plan for and feel so comfortable in bed and just be happy.

So this was my Monday afternoon, hope you spent yours in happiness.