Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Addition!!!

Hey Guys!!!

So I'm back with another post, and this time its about some accessories that I purchased over the christmas sale that some of these sites were having. My biggest accessory in my closet is my shoes, and thats exactly what I purchased more shoes from two sites that i faithfully visit to see what they have going on. What two sites you ask, and You can never have too much shoes, even tho my family likes to point out that I only have two feet so how am I going to wear all of them. Each one of my shoes or sneakers are a major deal to my closet, I match my shoes to my outfit and my mood. Anytime I get dressed the first thing i think about is my footwear and then I work my way up the ladder of my clothes, so here are my three recent purchases!!!


Shoe 1. Jefferey Campbell slip ons
Shoe 2. Reebok ventalitor
Shoe 3. Zebra Print flats
sorry for the image on #3

Thanks for stopping by XOXO