Thursday, August 7, 2014

Looking for a change

Hey Ladies and Gents

So I'm sitting here in my room thinking to myself do I really have everything in order, or I'm just telling myself that. The one thing that I have been doing, is telling myself that I look fine just the way I am but then my mind starts racing that maybe I'm not. I always talk about going to the gym and tone my body, but I never got around to doing it and everyday I would promise myself  that this is the day that I change my life. There it is again another excuse in why I can't make it to the gym, always saying I had a long today I'm just gonna go home and get some sleep and tomorrow I will embark on that journey. Even now as Im typing these words I feel so angry with myself , I set so many new starts that I have yet to hold to them. I told myself that by time I'm thirty I will be where I want to be, but still maintain my chill side. Thirty is 3weeks away and I still have not moved yet cause all the excusses where the same, but this time it's different no more telling myself other wise just get up and move. Don't even tell myself that I'm going to the gym, just say I'm going on a fun outing (LOL) this will be my new start from here on!!!!