Sunday, October 19, 2014

Night Time Routine

Hey ladies and gents!!!

So last night I came home from hanging with my famiy and as I was getting ready to take off my eye makeup, I figured I would just show you my night time routine. My routine is not a lot or rigorous, but simple. I took a picture of my face before I took my makeup off
I also put on this satin bonnet to keep my hair out of my face. Next I apply my Noxzema all over my face for about 5 minutes.

After I apply, I brush my teeth and get my bath ready. While I'm in the bathtub I rinse my face with cool water, I tend not to dry my face just let it air dry. After i air dry I use Aveeno moisturizing lotion on my face

Now I'm all done and ready for bed!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

xo Nique