Thursday, October 16, 2014

Some new products!!!

Hey ladies and gents!!!

So I recently went to the hair supply store to get some shampoo and conditioner, also some locking gel. I've been natural now for 3 years and I've had my hair locked for 2 years, when washing my hair I usually use Dr. Boomers peppermint soap and Jamaican black castor oil conditioner but this time I choose to try something different. I know everyone has heard of Shea moisture, but it was honestly my first time using it. I picked up the shampoo and conditioner that I figured that will be most suitable for my hair, I will insert pictures below 

After using these 2 product I felt such a difference in my hair, it was softer and my hair didn't itch right after. Usually after washing my hair my scalp will get itchy but not this time ( which is a big deal for me). To lock my hair I used the mango and lime locking gel
These products are my new go too products. I give them a big 2 thumbs up!! Here is the results of my hair after washing and re-twist my hair and also the results of after my hair air dry for 3 days. 

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