Monday, January 19, 2015

Celeb Re-Mix

Hey ladies and gents!!!

"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a leader of consensus."--Martin Luther King, Jr

I recently was looking thru some of Rihanna's photos and got inspired by some of her photos. There was one particular picture that I stumbled on that made me look in my closet and made me think, maybe I could put this look together with pieces I already own. It even made me think to do a celeb re-mix once a week with pieces that are already in my closet, it doesn't have to be exactly what they wear but what's close to it.

Here is Rihanna's outfit:

pic c/o google images

Here is my take on this outfit:

Shades: Rayban
Lips: Plum from Shandy Cosmetics
Shirt: Asos Curve
Boyfriend Jeans; Asos Curve
Boots: Dr. Martens Mix
Watch: Lane Bryant
#BLESSED band follow @theblessedmovement on Instagram

Hope you enjoyed my first celeb re-mix outfit.

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